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Women's Quirky Clothing Shops (Page 2)

Welcome to the 2nd page of women's quirky clothing shops.

We have selected these amazing independent stores and clothing boutiques because they sell very special and unique fashions. Fun and funky prints, cute, retro, quirky and unusual clothing that would be hard to find on the high street.

For vintage/retro fashions and accessories, check out our vintage and retro clothing shops.

Enjoy your funky shopping!

Ohh Deer foxy sweatshirt image

Ohh Deer

Ohh Deer sells quirky and fun illustrated clothing, gifts and art prints, many like you have never seen before!

From jumper wearing foxes to cats shooting lasers from their eyes, these prints will most definitely make you stand out.

So calm down dear and shop at OhhDeer.com!

Don't Feed the Bears bear vest image

Don't Feed the Bears

Dontfeedthebears.co.uk is a quirky hand drawn & hand printed online clothing store.

Everything from monocles, top hats and pipes to walking sticks, TV's and popcorn, all sported by foxes, bears, wolves and hares. These prints will make you feel like taking an old Canadian road trip.

But please remember.... don't feed the bears!

Flipflop and Fangs stupid people womens vest top image

FlipFlop and Fangs

Flipflop and Fangs is a unique fair-trade clothing and accessory store featuring some of the most quirky fashion pieces on this planet!

We love their crazy and colourful web-site. It really is a fun place to shop.

They sell fun bright clothing with designs that are not the mainstream making it the perfect place to shop if you are a girl who loves to be different.

If you have a twisted sense of humour and like alternative fashions, you will fit right in with flipflop and fangs.

Go on and sink your teeth into Flipflop and Fangs today.

Bitching and Junkfood faux fur purple jacket image

Bitching and Junkfood

Bitching and Junk Food. The two things we all love to do on a heavy night of drinking!

Trouble is that horrible feeling you get the next day. But cure your bitch of a hangover by shopping at Bitching and Junkfood.

From vintage gems to quirky and urban must haves, this is the place to release your inner bitch!

Now, pass me the ketchup for my burger and fries please...

Lazy Oaf womens clothing image

Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf is a funky fashion label offering bright, colourful prints and fun clothing as well as spectacular accessories and lifestyle products.

They pride themselves on producing stand-out clothing that you might describe as weird and wonderful. Perfect for women who like to be a little different and who dress to impress.

Specialist women's clothing includes tops/shirts, dresses, t-shirts, skirts, leggings and much more...

Come on girls, it's time to use your loaf and shop at Lazy Oaf.

Batoko oriental cat tee image


Batoko is a fun, fashion-forward label who love bold, colourful prints and graphics. This is beautifully reflected in their superb collections which are always fun, bright and awesome. In short, real fashion treasure!

They hold a nice selection of fun and quirky fashion goodies, which includes space cat tees, bitchin Barbie vests and bullet bracelets. They also sell a unique range of printed denim shorts which we love. Anyone fancy a pair of ice-cream printed denim shorts?

We love Batoko, it really is a nice place to shop. Drop in today...

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